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What we do
In the new economy, effective branding is the present and the future. It is what will make products and services have a strong personality that will make them easily noticeable and appealing to their targets. Effective branding is the ingredient that will make brands win consistently and acquire the power-brand status.
Brand Strategy
Brand Design/Visual Identity
Brand Communications
Brand Reconnaissance
Brand Audit
Brand Strategy - We develop a well-tailored and effective strategy for your brand, whether on the corporate or product level, to ensure that it stays in a class of its own and wins progressively in the market place.
Brand Design/Visual Identity- Being brand architects, we design your brand before it is developed or redesign it, if it is already in existence. In addition, we develop and design your logo, pack design and other materials to aid your brand image.
Brand Communications - We give total-concept communications to your brand to ensure that it is well positioned in the subconscious of the target and even the prospects
Brand Reconnaissance - Since branding is warfare, we gather all the necessary information required to ensure that we wholly understand both your brand and its relationship with its competitors. That way, we can properly defend its position and help it gain new grounds in the battleground.
Brand Audit - August Consulting undertakes to periodically analyze, synthesize and synergize your brand with its strategy to make sure that it works in tandem with its strategy and delivers on its promise.